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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the hospital after a shooting across the street from the campus of ucf. >> we are pinpointing heavy rain heading into central flo rida. we'll tell you when they are expected to hit and how long they will last just ahead. those storms are starting in the pinpoint weather center. we are here hanging out with troy bridges. good morning, central florida. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. these storms cause some problems this afternoon. >> here we go again. a week ago we were pinpointing those storms through the lunch hour. today again, the worst of it along i-4 at lunchtime. we can't stress it enough, at least some heavy rain, the possibility of some strong damaging wind. let's get you to it and show you what is happening. a line developing into a squall line moving to the gulf of mexico and up into panama city. tornado warnings in effect. meaning doppler indicated tornadoes in the panhandle near panama city. this will move in our direction.
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most of the energy is moving to the north into south georgia. although we have the risk for stronger wind gusts, even rotating storms. most of this craziness is moving to our north. we can see the rain trying to move into our northern zones. the line kaeth indicating the direction. rain and strong winds up to 40 to 50 miles an hour and one or two rotating storms could lead to a tornado. we'll watch that through the noon hour, the worst of it along i-4. at 7:00, a 90% coverage of storms. big changes with temperatures. coming up, we'll talk about how cold it will be for the weekend. back to you. >> thanks, troy. >> breaking this morning, a man is arrested after crashing into a patrol car. >> the man is facing charges. the crash happened near
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not far from international drive. that's where we find news 6 johnny fernandez, what can you tell us at this point? >> that driver, like you said, he is facing charges. he is facing dui charges after he slammed into a trooper. this took place on sand lake road. the road is clear. everything is back to normal. i want to show you what it looked like an hour or so ago. take a look, troopers tell me one officer was heading northbound, driving northbound, coming out of i-4 westbound when he was hit. the driver of this corolla, witnesses say the driver ran a red light on sand lake in front of the whole foods supermarket. then he hit the rear side of the trooper's car. that driver has been arrested for dui. we are coming back live. we know the trooper, he is ok. troopers tell me they'll release more information about the driver. once i get new information, i'll
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online at, powered by news 6. >> johnny, thank you. breaking this morning, violence near the campus of ucf where a man was taveng to the shooting. deputies say that man was shot at the apartment complex on sterling university lane just across the street from ucf. lehman. you just got an update from deputies. what are they saying? >> yes, about 20 minutes ago, i spoke with a lieutenant from the sheriff's office, he tells me they are searching for a gunman. behind me, deputies have finished their investigation at the marquee apartment complex. this shooting is just the latest violent crime. >> deputies rushed to the apartment after the sound of gun fire triggers calls to 911.
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hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the response signaled another problem with a college that complex that had a problem with violence. those crimes sparked an increase in security but then just last month four me held several students at gun point after swiping electronics from their apartment. there is now a similar scene again this morning. deputies are piecing together what led to a shooting as the victim recovers in the hospital. >> past incidents have led to a series of security changes at the complex i'll tell you more coming up. >> have the victims been able to say anything about the shooter? >> he is conscious as he is in the hospital. he is talking to detectives this morning. they tell me so far he has only
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description of the suspect. nothing concrete at this point. >> thanks, mark. in orange county a woman is dead after a crash involving a dump truck. troopers say her car collided with the dump trub in the eastbound lanes of 408 near goldenrod. 78-year-old. the dump truck driver was not hurt. >> we are trying to get the condition of a woman after she was robbed first. deputies say she was robbed at forest city and falkner. when the thief took off, she grabbed the car. that's when detectives say she fell down and was hit by another car not connected to the robbery. the suspect has not been arrested. >> the parents at the center of one of central florida's most infamous missing persons cases are expected to speak out. this weekend marks 10 years since the disappearance of jennifer kessey. investigators think she left for work that morning. since then, police, jennifer
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spent countless hours. they will join lead detectives and orlando police chief mena for a news conference to discuss the case that detectives say is still active and ongoing. we'll be there for the conference and we'll bring you an update at noon. >> a lake county man being held without bond after being charged with child born charges. police say phillips was using a computer to download child born. he is face charges of child pornographer. >> detectives say this is for a man who tried to break into a gas station. investigators put out this video of a man using a fire extinguisher to try to break into a chevron last month. investigators say after failing to get inside, this guy tried to break into other sides of the building before giving up. if you recognize him, call the
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we are less than 24 hours away from one of the biggest local festivals. >> it celebrates the life of author and poet who is best known for her 1937 novel. this is video from last year. the annual celebration includes great music, food and events that run from today through january 31. always a fun time. >> let's check in with troy. >> big changes this weekend. today stormy. by the late afternoon, we are looking better. for the weekend, a lot cooler but dry. that's the good news. here's the front. you can see the line moving through panama city with tornado warnings right now. you see the pink shading. that's ice and wintry weather as we see it moving along that low there in parts of central tennessee. snow. this system is powerful with strong winds.
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we'll talk about the rain. the rain comes in from 10:00 this morning and lasts through 4:00 this afternoon. by noon, the worst of it along i-4. we'll watch it closely. 59 in ocala. it is 56 in daytona beach. grab a jacket, you'll need it. the winds making it feel cooler. winds along the coast come in out of the south at nearly 15 miles an hour. we'll need train gear, 58 at 7:00 this morning. warming through the afternoon though. we get up to 73 with rain chances gradually pushing off to the east. a 90% coverage at noon today. coming up, we'll pinpoint the severe risk and talk about the cold air for the weekend. a lot going on today. first, let's check on those roads and head over to amy in the napeleton traffic center. >> thank you so much. old issues clear up, we have new ones showing up. we want to show you the live camera on westbound side of i-4. we had a slowdown for a minute.
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taking out three travel lanes. i see no delays. i can't find any on our live cameras. i'll keep you updated. drive times coming back like this, completely in the clear. both directions of i-95, you are going to be fine at this point, nice and early. that's your check on traffic. back over to you. >> it is 5:09. still ahead, a florida couple comes home to an unexpected guest. >> wait until you see what they found in their swimming pool, that grabbing headlines. that story is just ahead. >> a man is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager. >> we are learning new details about the investigation into the rape and murder of an orlando woman. what investigators are saying about the results of the suspect's polygraph test. that's up next. troy bridges is pinpointing the storms that are coming our way
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>> we are pinpointing an alert as storms will develop and move in from the west.
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most of it moves out. we stop the clock at 10:00, taking you into the future. western zones in marion county, sumter county, beginning to see the line developing. there is the lunch hour, seeing stronger storms possible, the main threat, heavy rain and strong winds up near 50 miles an hour. look at how quickly it moves by 3:00 this afternoon, most of it is out of here. some of et still lingering in brevard and volusia county. coming up, we'll pinpoint more of the storms. talk about big changes behind them. temperatures dropping considerably, all of those details in minutes. >> we'll pinpoint those on news 6. you can pinpoint them on the go with the pinpoint weather app. i just checked the app. it is free to download, search wkmg in your app store. >> we are learning about this security guard accused of raping and killing a woman inside her downtown home. police say he failed a lie
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police say ducksbury followed sams into her apartment. test. he failed saying there was a 99.7% chance he lied on questions like do you know who caused her death and did you cause the death of sasha. investigators say ducksbury complained of medical issues wondering if they might skew the results. at one point, he said, obviously, this does not look good for me. >> this morning, there are questions surrounding the arrest of a sex predator forcing a teenage girl to commit sex acts at knife point. the girl called 911 on wednesday. police say ambrose was visiting a friend when the attack happened. the seminole county sheriff's office says am broez is
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sgloofrjts with the county. he had been charged in three counties dating back to 1994. >> he won't be on the streets and he won't be able to victimize another person. she is a juvenile. that is unfortunate. we don't want this to happen but a juvenile, that's really unfortunate, really disturbing. >> ambrose is being held without bond and he is charged with sexual battery on a minor and aggravated assault with a weapon. >> two are waiting to learn how much jail time they are facing. according to our news partners, they pleaded guilty to battery in last year's attack. the woman along with 18-year-old dillon thomas were arrested last february and charged with first degree attempted murder. prison. >> a pennsylvania couple got an unusual welcome to the sunshine state four days after moving to
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they had to deal with an unwelcome guest at their home. take a look here, an 8-foot croc found his way into their pool. people who live there say, hey, it is not odd to see crocs around there. when wildlife workers got there, he decided to head back to the ocean. >> welcome to the neighborhood. >> barber shops and salons can be a home away from home for many customers. >> the elder barber is away from his 105th birthday. he has worked at fantastic cuts since he was 12 years old. the guinness book of world records has recognized him as the world's oldest barber. state officials have too. his son says there is no quit in his pops. >> it is hard to believe, he is
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he is in better shape than i am. >> how are you going to celebrate? >> come to work. >> anthony still works five days a work, still drives and still cuts his own hair. that's longevity. keep going, you have to keep going. i'm going to try that. >> can't sit at home and watch price is right all day. >> good for him. you'll want to watch price is right today. >> we are hoping we are not breaking into programming programming. you can download the awesome app, the pinpoint weather app where i send out a push alert so you know what to expect with the timing. let's talk about it now. not a lot of rain yet. a line of storms pushing in from
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you see that in panama city, tornado warnings in effect there, meaning doppler indicated rotation. it doesn't mean there is a tornado on the ground yet in those regions. but likely some damaging wind at least. this will be moving in our direction. the good news is this most of the energy will move to the north into south georgia rather than into here. we'll see a chance for stronger wind gusts. rain. it doesn't look like it is going to be as strong as what we saw last weekend. still we want to be on high alert. the line moving in our direction in the next couple of of hours. as we take you through 10:00 in the morning, western zones. rain and wind the main threat. we can't rule out one or who isolated tornadoes. temperatures, 56 in orlando. 59 in ocala.
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here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. notice the sky looking gloomy. plenty of cloud cover. a 90% coverage at noon, warming to 73 at 4:00. we taper rain chances off to 20% by 6:00. heading out, looking a-ok but cool at times. you'll need a light jacket. 58 at 11:00 with a 10% chance for rain after 7:00. here's the timeline. this is a real good indication of the timing of the storms. there's 10:00 this morning, notice our western zones seeing some of those storms. that's marion county. by noon, the line developing and trying to move along i-4, continuing to push off to the east, quickly moving to the east in brevard county. the kids will need the rain gear. most of it will be in volusia and brevard county. we are pushing most of it out.
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that will be rain. no storms at this point. highs in the low 70's. 73 in sanford and also in leesburg. 72 in ocala. and here's what to expect through the weekend. notice the red areas here. we show it to you in red. 56 for the high on saturday. 58 on sunday. sunday morning could be the coldest. we'll drop in the mid 30's in orlando, staying dry until wednesday of next week. let's check on the roads with amy in the napeleton traffic center. >> good morning. >> interesting stuff on the weather front. not as interesting for your drive which is good news for you. drive times looking great on all of your major roadways. not seeing any big delays. that only helps you get your day rolling. this is outside at i-4 as you make your way past ivanhoe. either direction, right on time.
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back over to you at the desk. >> 5:20 now. a man is pulled over for reckless driving. the unusual reason he says he just ahead. there is a new warning for parents out there after recalled. why safety workers say these strollers are potentially dangerous for your children. >> you are watching news 6 central florida.
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>> good morning. in today's consumer watch, there is an important warning for parents. >> strollers are top seats being recalled. there are reports of children biking on the arm and choking on form. they were sold from april of 2010 to january of this year. >> living in central florida, we are used to seeing unusual sites
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bringing him worldwide fame and money. he is called can head. you can see why. they call him a human section couple. apparently he has the odd ability to stick cans and things to his bald head. a doctor told him he can do it because he has a high body temperature. he is always at 100 degrees. he is on fire. that somehow turned his skin into a body suction cup. >> 23 years old, i shaved my head, i was trying to cool my head down because it was a hot day. they hit a homerun. i grabbed it. i missed it. i said, where is my drink? everybody was laughing because it was stuck to the back of my head. >> everyone has a talent. keyton will be in the guinness book of world records for this ability and he is making money money. >> he officially has too much
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talent talent. >> that could come in handy. if you want a snack, have a can of peanuts and snack through the day. not a bad idea. storms. 10:00 western zones, marion county. i'm not here to scare anyone but we want people to know, we have the risk of stronger wind gusts. that will be the main threat. heavy rain going to be a factor. through lunchtime along i-4 as this line pushes in. there's noon today and then it continues quickly to the east. there's 3:00 in the afternoon, volusia and brevard county. county. after 4:00, 5:00, looking better. the heavier storms moving in and out quickly. coming up, we'll talk more about the timing of the colder air behind the front. >> still ahead in the next half-hour, the same system bringing storms here is bringing heavy snow to the northeast.
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doing to prepare for the winter wallop. a man is arrested following a crash involving a highway patrol car. we are pinpointing storms this friday morning. troy bridges has a full look for
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